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Current feature project, now in proproduction: an original script titled, Igniting Water. It was written by myself, Joyia D. Bradley and Georgina Young-Ellis.

"As the price of fuel soars, a young scientist (Jacob Bremen) is on the verge of a breakthrough with a formula that will make fossil fuels basically obsolete. Jacob must figure out a way to make it viable and get it into the public’s hands before a major oil corporation either gets a hold of it or destroys him. As a young boy, he witnessed the death of his parents at their hands. Now that same corporation has got his brother working for them. Jacob must convince his friends and loved ones to rally on his side and help him unlock the secrets to the clues his father left for him. Igniting Water is a fast -paced yet down-to earth green thriller with humor and heart, based in the here-and-now."

Joyia and I are producing and will co-direct. Our target date for shooting is the end of April 2011. Watch for it!

ignitnig water timshel

Other Projects Under Developement

In edit: two documentary pieces, "The Transformation of Welling Court" tracking internationally prominent graffiti muralists as they work their magic on a somewhat rundown neighborhood - turning it into one of the "top ten rated art destinations in New York City 2010" and "Connecting Science and Spirituality - Four Days at Timshel" documenting the work of Dr. Sam Berne as he uses a Korokov camera to capture the light surrounding the fingertips of sixteen people in attendence, and offering readings that become startling accurate over the four days of this Pennsylvania retreat.


Window is experimental work exploring what we look at and what we see.

window window ecologic ecologistics

The Ecologistics Ensemble is a video installation piece looking at voices of reason and others.


Please follow the link to view three eposodes of a series titled, "Red Head Talking."


Each of the narrative and experimental videos displayed below (with the exception of "Black Woman") are further examples of earlier works from pre-production through final edit, including original scripting, direction, cinematography, editing in Final Cut, Avid and (my personal software choice) Adobe Premiere, as well as audio manipulation using Sound Forge and Adobe Audition. Three industrial works for Kaplan Medical are a fair representation of more than two-hundred DVD's that I developed for them as Lead Media Producer, on-set director and occasional editor over a period of three years.

Notes and Additional Links:

Radio Selections

What I see is what you get:

Cinema, film, audio or video
It's all media to me
When one sleeps they dream
Upon awakening they turn
To those shining moments
That trigger the dream-state
This is a love affair
Somewhere between sleep
And make believe

Productions to Date

"Transformation of Welling Court" - conceived produced directed - 2011 - doc. video - 60 min
(post production)
With AdHoc Art made contact with more than forty graffiti muralists. Documented their work as they transformed a small gang tagged community in Astoria Queens into an "NYC  hot art destination" Time Out Magazine

"The Science of Spirituality"- producer editor - 2011 - doc video - 80 min
(post production)
The work of Dr. Sam Berne demonstrating the Electrophotonic Imaging Camera - capturing real time images of the energy flowing from the fingertips, and connecting that information to physical and spiritual health.

"Red Head Talking" - producer director - 2010 - webisodes - video - variable times
From the head, and off the cuff monologues from the versatile and talented actress/novelist Georgina Young on wide ranging subjects from stolen pumpkins to fair skin and the effects of sunshine.

"Window" - writer producer director - 2009 - experimental video - 5 min
A fascinating look at, and sometimes into the open windows of  unsuspecting though unconcerned New Yorkers

"Channeling Jane" - producer director - 2009 - webisodes - audio/video - variable times
Georgina Young reads Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Available on youtube and iTunes.

"Ecologistics Ensemble" - writer producer director - 2008 - experimental video - looped
Using footage from the Internet Archive as well as collected sounds this work was developed as a gallery installation. I have not yet heard back from the Participant Gallery where it has been submitted.

"Let My People Go" -
cinematographer editor 2008 - video 90 min
Created a video record of the historic apology of the Diocese of the Episcopal Church of New York to the African American population of the united states for the wrong committed by the church during slavery.

"Black Woman" - assistant director - 2007 - video - 9 min
Satirical film focusing on how black women are used to validate the lives of people around them.

"Misrepresentation" - cowriter AD - 2007 - 48 hour film project - video - 7 min
Young man finds his father who has been disbarred and has become a cross-dresser.

"City LItterFE" - writer producer director - 2006 - experimental video- 3 min
On the subject of litter on the streets of NYC, the reaction of citizens, and possible solutions.

"My Eyes Are Closed" - writer producer director - 2006 - experimental video - 3 min
On the subject of over-development by unscrupulous speculators  and the effects thereof on the community of Long Island City

"What Goes Around" - writer producer director - 2005 - video - 5 min
A kindly bag lady buys an old purse for a quarter only to discover that this particular purse always contains a dollar no matter how many are extracted from it.

"Invader Fall" - writer producer director - 2004 - 16mm film - 5 min - (color)
The Queen of the Universe is about to take over the planet below... However, as it turns out, she has made one small, though significant, mistake.

"Host" - writer producer director - 2004 - video - 5 min
Bio-computer hackers have stored a virus inside the body of a hospitalized woman who's chances of survival are virtually zero. When the woman unexpectedly recovers, she and the virus become something else altogether.

"A Day Out" - writer producer director - 2003 - 3 min - 16mm film (color)
When the world is viewed from the eye level of a cat, there are some surprises and there are things that should be obvious to everyone - if, that is, you ask the cat.

"Testing Billy" - writer producer director - 2003 - 16mm film - 5 min - (color/b&w)
This little boy has some very unusual powers that have the scientists salivating to discover just how far they can push him. What they discover is that even a child can be pushed too far.

Producer, director, editor of 200+ medical video lectures for Kaplan Medical (div of the Washington Post)

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