Nirvana II

Questions of Gravity

Now is the time to ask questions of your own.

Below are questions that are most frequently asked by our clients. If you do not find the answer that you're looking for, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to put your mind at rest.

What happens to the body?

The human body is magnificently resilient and has the god-given quality of being quite adaptable. Your body will be placed in a state of mechanically produced, non-chemical natural sleep. Over a period of many months or even years our highly skilled surgeons will carefully remove organs and tissues as they are needed. When an organ or tissue is taken an automatic mechanical replacement will immediately begin to function thus providing all necessary needs of the brain which under these conditions, will essentially live forever.

Will I know the difference?

The simple answer to this question is, no. A more in depth answer is captured in this question: When you are having a dream do you know that you are dreaming? The answer to this is, sometimes. Think about this carefully - when you do know that you're dreaming it does not necessarily diminish the quality of that dream. Rather the converse is more often true. The quality of the dream becomes enhanced. One gains more control. The dream can be guided and directed. Such is Nirvana II. The dream and reality merge into a seamless continuum. You will only know the difference by the knowledge of knowing.

Does it hurt?

Within the world of Nirvana II pain is a sensation. Any and all sensation is a user choice. It will only hurt if that's what you desire.

How can my brain go on living when that's all that is left?

All functions of the human body are automatically continued when and if any system should fail. In some fifty years we have never lost a client. It should be noted in an effort to maintain our own ethical standards there is this fact: The brain of Jeffery (Guru Rabopshebop) Salainas, the founder of Nirvana II, lost function in the great blackout and was to our great dismay irrecoverable, however Mr. Salinas continues to live a happy and eventful life within Nirvana II! At present we have no idea of how this happened. Investigation continues.

Is there crime there?

Please refer to, "Does it hurt?"

Is there sex?

Think about it. Do you really need to ask this question?