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Each of the narrative and experimental videos displayed here (with the exception of "Black Woman") are examples of my own work from pre-production through final edit, including original scripting, direction, cinematography, editing in Final Cut, Avid and (my personal software choice) Adobe Premiere, as well as audio manipulation using Sound Forge and Adobe Audition.

The three industrial works for Kaplan Medical are a fair representation of more than two-hundred DVD's that I developed for them as Lead Media Producer, on-set director and occasional editor over a period of three years.

I was Assistant Director on, "Black Woman" with my good friend and colleague Joyia D. Bradley at EB Film Productions.

On a separate page is "The Tony Blount Show" Intro/Edit - I was editor only - reusing previously edited materials supplied to me. Ms. Blount unfortunately took off for parts unknown and never picked up the work, nor did she complete payment, but hey, what I did is still good.-)

At the bottom of this page you will find a few of my radio pieces.

Here's a link to a collaborative work (the 2008 NYC 48 Hour Film Competition). Admittedly the finished project contains more than a few rough spots (what the hell - written, filmed and edited in 48 hours). I'll get over it.

Here's a link to a real estate virtual tour video. An interesting area of possible expansion.

And finally here's a link to my extensive online portfolio where you will find links to some additional experimental works as well as perhaps a duplicate or two of those represented on this page.


2008 - 48 Hour Film Festival Submission "Misrepresentation" Co-Writer - Assistant Director - Editor

Radio Selections

What I see is what you get:

Cinema, film, audio or video
It's all media to me
When one sleeps they dream
Upon awakening they turn
To those shining moments
That trigger the dream-state
This is a love affair
Somewhere between sleep
And make believe