Where am I? Who am I? What is Life?

Questions of Gravity

Is the world you live in now often too much to bear? Of course it is. Isn't that precisely why your friends (or perhaps your therapist) has directed you to N2? As you may already know, we at Nirvana II have expanded the world at large, and further we have redefined what it means to be alive. Before you enter more deeply into this site ask yourself a few more simple questions:

1. Are you your body or do you live in your body?

If you have answered that you live in your body then you have the unique understanding that life is not always as it seems.
We at Nirvana II couldn't agree more - in spirit, though not yet in body, you may already already one of us.

2. When you see a real opportunity for change and know inside on a gut level that it is for you, do you take immediate action or do you procrastinate until its too late?

3. Can you possibly envision a world in which you may fully experience not only your deepest desires but all imaginable pleasures as well? Can you even imagine the true peace of mind that comes with virtual immortality?

4. If it were possible that such a world could be made available to you AT NO MONETARY EXPENSE (that's right - no money) what would you be willing to give?

If your answer to the last question was something as simple as giving organs and tissues that you no longer need to sustain life, you are encouraged to investigate our state of the art, virtual world in2N2 - where all things are possible. . .

Nirvana II